Cover Reveal & sneak review

Lost wolf

Check out the new cover for Book 4 in the New Dawn Novels by Rachel M. Raithby, cover designed by Creation Inspire





The alliance holds strong after the last attack, but bad blood threatens to jeopardize the treaty and test the bonds formed between the River Run and Dark Shadow packs.
Tyler never meant for one night of fun to turn into a secret relationship, yet he can’t… won’t give Regan up, even if it means lying to his alpha or leaving the pack that is his home. His family.
Regan felt the spark between her and Tyler from the start. He woke her from a half-life, pulling her from the darkness of her past, which threatens to extinguish the love between them before it has a chance to begin.
Lines are being blurred, allegiances tested, and as hearts break and tears fall, will Tyler and Regan’s love bring them all together, or be a step too far and destroy the packs for good?

My thoughts on the book so far

Regan and Tyler’s story continues the overall story arc of the two packs, River Run and Dark Shadow, but also takes the reader into the lives of the two central characters, Regan and Tyler (of course theres the other regular characters – Katalina, Bass etc.) The storyline drew me into the life of the packs as they pick up the pieces after the events of Wolf Sight, book 3. I know I’m lucky to be able to read the first draft and the rest of the readers will have to wait till March. But I can say the waits worth it and theres a few surprises in store.

In the meantime heres some teasers to keep you going.

Lost Wolf teaser

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