My top reads of 2017 

top reads 2017It’s been a bit of a stressful year personally So I that’s meant my reading and blogging took a back seat to my family’s needs.

But the thing about reading books is that for a while you can forget about the problems you are facing and escape into the world’s created by authors.

My favourite paranormal authors had books out this year.

Nalini Singh has been busy this year with two of the books making this top read 2017 list.

Silver Silence was a book I had been eagerly awaiting. It didn’t disappoint, alpha bears oh my!!!

Rachel M Raithby’s Wolf Sight, is probably my favourite book of the year, I know that I will probably be seen as biased, but I don’t care, so what if I had some input into the way it looks.   Yes my husband Rob  @creationinspire created it with artistic direction from both myself and Rachel, and the formatting is our best yet, I loved designing the illustrations for the headings and the wolf on the front page,   but the main reason this books my top pick is because the storyline is awesome, Rachel has been dealing with a lot of upheavals personally,  finding herself pregnant and a single parent mid way through the year is enough to scupper most people’s creativity,  so to get a book out during this amazing in itself, but the writing and storyline, after reading the book I’d say it’s her best yet! I loved Anna and Cages story, and I can’t wait for the next New Dawn Novel.

My favourite SEAL series was by Caitlyn O’Leary it’s a hard decision between any of them as the series is awesome and I could re-read them all tomorrow and not think it a waste of time.

There was also a biography that made this list, I don’t usually get into non-fiction books but Garrett McNamara’s life is more interesting than fiction and I have always loved the sea. If you like reading interesting life stories then give this a go.

I could go on, and write a bit about each book but it would make a rather long post so click on this link if you’d like to get to Goodreads and read each review (or search my blog as there individual reviews on here also.

I’ll finish at my current read @Sheila Kells His Family this is the Patriarch of the Hamilton families book and so far it is shaping up to be the first on the top read 2018 list.

I hope all who read/follow my blog on whichever platform have a great #NewYearEve and that 2018 brings you all that you need.

I don’t want much (roof over my head, a job so I can keep the first and my family to be safe and happy)

All the Best

Kat 💜

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