Review: Deleilah (Small Town New Zealand Romances #1) @ktboweswrites

30113849Deleilah Hanover leaves an affluent and destructive marriage, losing her entitlement to half the international corporation she helped her husband build from nothing. Broken by circumstance and shunned by the elite Auckland social set, she hides in a rural town to lick her many wounds. Harvey Gilroy offers a shoulder to cry on and Deleilah makes the grave mistake of trusting him as she journeys to his farm for what she thinks is a holiday.

Desperate and once again on the run, Deleilah meets someone from her past and is drawn back to the tiny tourist town of her childhood in the foothills of Mount Pirongia. Just passing through, she is forced to face the demons of her teenage years and make amends for her abandonment of family and friends two decades earlier.

But things are not as they seem and Deleilah can’t share the truth about her sudden departure, not even with her three childhood friends. The foreigner, the fat kid and the foster boy have grown into a banker, a police officer, and a horse whisperer and one of them holds the key to Deleilah’s terrible secret.

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DeleilahDeleilah by K.T. Bowes

Kat’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have had this book on my kindle for ages, it was the only book I had downloaded on my phone, when I was out of Wifi range so it got bumped up the tbr so I had something to read at lunch and break times today (My current review read is hard to pick back up at the minute due to the Manchester Bombing at the Ariana Grande concert).

BUT Wow, once I started I couldn’t put it down.

Now I know the place the book is set in places I have visited/lived (the Hamilton part anyway) but the writing and the worldbuilding was so good I felt as if I was sat on that balcony feeling the peacefulness described (the Lake was a favourite spot to visit and walk around).

The horse related parts also showed that Ms Bowes does indeed know her #EquineStuff, and I loved how she brought the wild Kaimanawa horse’s into the story.

I finished this rural romance today, after reading long into the wee hours of the morning to a place I felt I would be able to sleep and not think where the story was heading.

Ms Bowes wrote a story that had me in the dark to who the father of ‘Leilah’s child was until the very end, in fact she put so many believable red herrings in that I had to go back a few pages to make sure I had not missed anything.

So well done for keeping me glued to my kindle all day and all last night.

A very real story, that highlights the reality of the struggles women go through to walk away from an abusive relationship.

My favorite character is Mari, her description is the double of my ‘Whaea’ (mother, aunt,aunty) I recommended this book to mine as I am sure she would enjoy this New Zealand themed book, lol even my new home ‘Southland’ is mentioned.

The only downside to the story is that there isn’t a glossary in the book. the Kindle app dictionary doesn’t do Maori unfortunately – so any readers who want to know what the words mean when you come to them, as long as you have Wifi/the Internet, then click SEARCH and Google will find this Dictionary, which has the added bonus of sound – I have and never will be able to speak the language properly it’s a hard one to learn) – and its not really a downside – but I found it hard as I wanted to know and I didn’t have any internet to search.

One part of the story reminded me of an actual event that happened while I lived there, I wondered if this was the inspiration for part of the events that happened.

A well deserved 5 stars

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Author Bio

K T Bowes was born in the Royal Air Force hospital in Ely in England in July 1969. Like other Defence Force children, she spent her early years moving around, attending five different schools including one in West Germany, before she was twelve. Starting high school was a bit like being thrust into a war zone and she has no idea how she got out alive, let alone with enough to be accepted into university to read English Literature.

Her most interesting place to live was Market Harborough in Leicestershire, where she found a few things she thought she had lost and rediscovered a keen interest in the supernatural. But her favourite place in the world is at the bottom of her New Zealand paddock, on the river bank listening to the cicadas singing their summer song in the trees, while the resident horse accidentally-on-purpose blows snot down the back of her shirt. The bravest thing she ever did was jump out of a plane for a static line parachute jump, because a friend asked her to and the dumbest thing, was getting on a different plane with her husband and four small children with a one way ticket to the other side of the world. The most exciting moment of her life was marrying her husband after having known him only 5 months and meeting his family for the first time on her wedding day. Her favourite people are her husband and her four beautiful children, who are now too big for slapped bottoms but not for kisses.

K T Bowes has 19 novels currently on Amazon, 8 in the Hana Du Rose Mystery Series, 4 Teen novels in the series, Troubled, Artifact, a historical romance and Demons On Her Shoulder, a psychological romance. The series, From Russia, With Love currently has 3 novels and another in the wings. There are also two other New Zealand series, one which follows a women’s soccer referee and the other based in a small rural town. She loves to hear from readers.

If you enjoy her writing, please leave a review on and and follow her on Facebook  She also blogs on Twitter @ktboweswrites and her website

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