Review: Hard Liquor (Runaway Billionaires: Arthur #2) by @BLAIRBABYLON



Hard Liquor (Runaway Billionaires: Arthur #2) – the FINAL book in the Arthur Duet.



Trial lawyer Gen has managed to corral that randy colt His Lordship Arthur Finch-Hatten, the Earl of Severn, at least as far as anyone knows. In public, he seems to be behaving himself, but she’s kind of gotten involved with her client in a way that the Bar’s Ethics Committee would totally not approve of. With Arthur’s impending trial in the House of Lords and the constant backstabbing in her law office, the last thing Gen needs is for Arthur to whisk her off to Paris for the social wedding of the century to schmooze the people who will decide his fate.

Gen has broken all the rules, and she could very well end up with a broken heart.

She needs a stiff drink, and it had better be hard liquor.

Hard Liquor is the exciting conclusion to the Arthur Duet that begins with Stiff Drink.


Hard Liquor (Runaway Billionaires: Arthur Duet, #2)Hard Liquor by Blair Babylon

Kat’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story of our Barrister Genevive and the Earl of Givenofucks has come to its conclusion, but I hope that this is not the last we see of them.

I liked how in this book we got to meet favourite characters from previous books, such as Wolfram, Casmir and Maxence again.

I liked how Ms. Babylon had split this book into a Duology, as it needed this to show the growth Gen made from her initial meeting with Arthur (I loved his nickname that Cas and Max gave him – the Earl of Givenofucks really suited his outward appearance but in reality he did give everything for his beliefs, even if it cost him his life)

Now with that statement, I hope I have you intrigued with our Arthur. And I mean that literally since I am a Brit. I loved how Arthur loved and supported his black hole of a stately home, our historic buildings in England (anywhere in the world I suppose) take a lot of money and care to keep maintained for future generations. And Ms. Babylon brought that fact to life in her writing, she described the home she has created for Arthur so well I could imagine myself walking through the rooms gazing at portraits and antiques.

When you get to the around 48% – this is when I was having a hard time holding it together, holding back the tears, I had to keep reading (I was in the work canteen at the time, surrounded by men who would have taken great pleasure to rib me about crying at a book scene!)

“Remember, no matter where I am, no matter where I go, I will always love you. Always

I was sobbing on my sofa at home by this sentence – thankfully.

Ms. Babylon had me so anxious I thought that we may not get our HEA… did we??? Well, I think that you should grab this Duology and see for yourself.

*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them – kat***
Note: I read an early release copy so I am quoting from the book I read.

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