Carve The Mark By Veronica Roth


***I voluntarily reviewed a Copy of this book for my honest review & I thank the publishers Harper Collins NZ***

Quick sumary

World building – 3.5 out of 5
Character building – 4 out of 5
Writing style – 4 out of 5
Keeping me reading – 3.5 out of 5

Carve the Mark (Carve the Mark, #1)Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***I voluntarily reviewed a Copy of this book for my honest review & I thank the publishers Harper Collins NZ***

Quick sumary

World building – 3.5 out of 5
Character building – 4 out of 5
Writing style – 4 out of 5
Keeping me reading – 3.5 out of 5

Ok I think people love to hate Veronica Roth, well I never got over her killing Tris, and I have yet to read the last book in the Divergent series because of that – it’s still sat there on my bookshelf! Maybe one day when I want my heart to break I will re-read the whole series (Or Not- I made my own ending where they run off into the sunset and make lots of little fourandthreequarters)

Anyway… I have seen a lot of negativity regarding Carve The Mark… So I did some research, while I was midway through, and I guess some people take their own opinions from reading an interview text, but I can’t see it and I quoted this below for you to read… I can’t see anywhere where Veronica Roth said that Chronic Pain is a GIFT… the interviewer SIMON said it… she said nothing of the sort, she said that pain was underestimated, that it limited the person’s potential and how the person suffering found it difficult to find people to take it (the pain) seriously. as you will see below and if you would like to read the full transcript, click
My thoughts as I first started to read were how would this ‘Current’ affect the characters of the book, I wondered if it would have similarities with DUNE ( warring tribe that are rise up against the dictators trying to control the sands of Dune) or THE GOLDEN COMPASS, (children who have bonds with daemons via the dust) and even my favourite STAR TREK episode with the Nexus ribbon…

But in Ms. Roth’s world building, we do not get to know much about the Current, other than in this world it bestow’s ‘gift’s on its inhabitants when they reach a certain age, usually puberty. Now this furor over it being described as a gift… not all gifts are welcomed or nice, so I did not take offence to the broad term ( this relates to the above dialogue) Gift being used to describe the Universal name for what happens at a certain age for the children of the planets that the current surrounds. Just because CYRA’s gift is one that not only causes her pain, constantly but that she can transfer that pain to anyone she touches, to me, did not seem to be making slight about people suffering from pain? if that was the case, why not take offense at other writers who have their characters who say can’t touch people without harming them (Rogue from Xmen for instance).

We are Introduced to AKOS first, and the people who live in the coldest regions of the planet Thuve, Akos is a shy boy who feels clumsy and unsure of himself, at 14(ish) he is kidnapped with his Brother Eijeh, after the Assembly broadcast all the fates the Oracles had shared with them (I thought the Oracles were very naive – don’t they know they can be manipulated!) Akos and Eijeh and Cisi are the children of Aoseh a Hushflower farmer and the Thuvesit Oracle Sifa. They are kidnapped on the order of Cyra’s older brother and leader of the Shotet people.

When Cyra and Akos meet again they are 16 and now that Akos has his current gift, he is pressed into service as Cyra’s pain medication, Akos has the gift of shorting out anyone’s current gift. he has an ‘Absence of Current’.

Ryzek is the books oppressor, the dictator that rules with a cruel hand, forged by his fathers ways, his fate is deemed a weak fate, but his gift is one that is a twisted cruelty, he can steal memories, he steals happy ones and replaces them with bad ones (which I guess if you think about it, he manifested a gift that helped him cope with his father’s cruel treatment) but in the end he is his father’s son, so he is a bully and a parasite who manipulates Akos via his actions against his brother, and Cyra, well Cyra has only had her gift to protect her from his touch against her, I feel that he was the catalyst for her current gift, it was a defensive mechanism, after he stole her happiest memory when she was very young,but why it causes her pain herself, I think this is something that will be delved deeper in book 2. OH yes, this is not a standalone book, so be warned, although there is no major cliffhanger, the story doesn’t finish at the end of this book.

The book starts strongly in part 1, it starts by showing you a harsh planet where the inhabitants of both sides have been kept separate by the ‘divide’ but it is all set to change when Ryzek puts his plan in motion. I wonder how it is that Fate has linked Cyra and Akos, why could Akos speak Shotet ‘ the Revelatory tongue’

I would have liked more world building, characters are not really described as a specific type, the image I got from reading is that they are a mixed bag, similar to the people of Earth in my favourite series The 100, I got confused at times at what ages people were, due to when we start in Part 2 we start when Cyra is younger then when Akos is kidnapped.

Part 3 well it got a bit slow at times, on the Sojourn I wished there had been a bit more put into how the other planets intermingled, they all traded with the Shotet, who to me personally reminded me of the ‘gypsy’s’ who travelled England, collecting scrap, never quite being accepted nor having a permanent home, or when finding one, not being welcomed by the neighbours. Its when Cyra finally sees that her brother is never going to get any better, and that she must take a stand that we get to see some excitement.

By the time we get to Part 4 we are jumped forward to the present and Akos is back with the Thuvesit people, although I enjoyed part 4 I felt it was rushed compared to the first 3 parts, and the ending well I was quite disappointed in that well, it just fizzled out… to us waiting for book 2. There are some questions that I am dying to find out about, and to see if Akos and Cyra will be able to unite the planet and rid the Shotet people of their dictator.

So in finishing, I enjoyed the book, it had a few faults, but so do most books, and I look forward to book 2, I will re-read this book before the second is released, and I do wonder if I will pick up more on the second read, as I find I so often do.

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