Review: A Manhattanites ChristmasBy Avery Aster @AveryAster


Note: Stand-alone, M/F, contemporary erotic romance, HEA, cliffhanger free, introduces a new couple. No subplots from previous books in the series.

Move over, Vanderpump Rules, there’s a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season, and it’s hotter and naughtier than ever

When it comes to raising his only son, who’s on the spectrum, single dad Sheldon Truman will do whatever it takes to secure the best Christmas for his autistic child, even if that means marrying America’s leading pop princess and starring on Newlywed Boot Camp to pay for it. After all, he doesn’t believe in marriage, monogamy, or happily ever after, so what’s there to lose?

With a failing handbag line, a perfume brand that stinks, and a singing career gone flat, actress Neve Adele will do anything that her PR firm, Brill Inc., throws her way. So when she’s cast alongside the hottest bad boy she’s ever met, the cameras start rolling, and they’re forced to share a bed. The psychological games the show puts them through stir up painful emotions from her past, a childhood filled with impoverished abandonment.

Once the filming is over, the feelings that Neve’s been faking toward Sheldon suddenly become a reality. Can she stop thinking about him and get her career back on track? Or will she give up her hunger for fame and get real with the Manhattanite who not only took her virginity but her heart?


A Manhattanite's ChristmasA Manhattanite’s Christmas by Avery Aster

Kat’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, via NetGalley I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them – kat***

I do like the characters that Avery Aster writes about, they are pure escapism and a great way to zone out from the humdrum reality of real life.

We really don’t get to see much of the familiar characters in this book, a brief cameo by Taddy and Kiki and Blake at Brill inc, but the main story centres on Taddy’s Brother in law, single dad Sheldon Truman, he is trying to do the right thing for his autistic child, and to do that he needs money, he won’t take charity from his brother Warner, so that means he is going to agree to go on a reality TV show!
The show is a Newlywed Boot Camp with Neve Adele, a C-lister she is beginning to see her fame slip, she is willing to do anything, even if it means marrying a total stranger!

The pair feel an attraction, and even though they think they are incompatible – it seems they have a lot of things that they like about each other…

As they work together in the program they begin to peel back the layers that each of them hide behind.

I liked this couple, they looked completely incompatible from the outside, but their hearts told a different story.

Of course, this is an Avery Aster Book so the sex was HOTT! but I loved the way that Neve had to work through what she thought she wanted… and when she got it, found what she really wanted was what she’d walked away from

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New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster pens The Manhattanites, a contemporary erotic romance series of full-length, stand-alone novels, and the naughty new adult prequel companion series The Undergrad Years. Join Avery’s newsletter and get a FREE ebook!

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