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Food, family and fresh beginnings. For fans of 800 Words, Offspring, Josephine Moon and Monica McInerney.

On the outskirts of a small New Zealand seaside town, Lia and her friend Anna work serious hours running their restored cafe. The busy season is just around the corner, and there are other things to occupy them. Anna is about to marry Lia’s twin brother, and Lia’s ex-boyfriend seems not to understand it’s over.
When a gorgeous stranger taps on Lia’s window near midnight and turns out not to be a serial killer, she feels it’s a promising sign. But the past won’t let them be, and Lia must decide whether events rule her life or she does.
The Pretty Delicious Cafe will remind you of those special, good things we love about living. And the food is great.
A warm, witty novel, brimming with the trademark romance, friendship, and eccentricity that Danielle Hawkins’s fans adore.

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The Pretty Delicious CafeThe Pretty Delicious Cafe by Danielle Hawkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book for my honest review & I thank the publishers Harper Collins NZ***

I always enjoy reading books about places I have been to or want to go, they are like mini-holidays.

This book is a based in a quintessential rural New Zealand seaside township,
Our main character is Lia and her sidekick/best friend Anna run their cafe in a quaint old house surrounded by beautiful scenery that NZ is famous for.

With the Summer season ramping up, their hours get longer and with Anna about to marry Lia’s twin brother, there is plenty to get stressed about.

Plus Lia has the issue of her ex not understanding that she is not interested in getting back together. But there could be a new romance in the horizon for Lia…

I had a laugh out loud moment when the scene that introduces Lia to the new mechanic in town, and after the shock, she likes what she sees standing there in the dark.

Lia and her twin have always had their “Twin Thing” but Lia has always had an odd sixth sense and it seems to be on overdrive after the handsome fella arrives in town. But he brings his own past with him, and it may be too much for him to risk starting something new with Lia.

Will Lia’s intuition help or hinder her, when it comes to her love life, and does she have time for a relationship anyway? What with the shop and of course, the hilarious wedding issues that come up to stress the girls even more. You will be glued to the pages to see what will happen next in this sleepy town. Will there be another wedding in the distant future, or will their pasts get in the way?

The book is an easy read, a fabulous choice for a relaxing weekend or holiday read, it has it all, suspense, humour, Love, Jealousy and it also covers subjects such as depression, which I felt was well written and very believable within the storyline.

There is a bonus for those Bakers out there, with a few recipes that are mentioned in the book. I think I may have a go at them some weekend (IF I can put my latest book down for long enough).

Author Bio

Danielle Hawkins grew up on a sheep and beef farm near Otorohanga in New Zealand, and later studied veterinary science. After graduating as a vet she met a very nice dairy farmer who became her husband and switched to sheep farming. Danielle spends two days per week working as a large animal vet and the other five as housekeeper, cook and general dogsbody. She has two small children – and when she is very lucky they nap simultaneously and she can write things…

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