Spotlight: No Accountability By Keith Lawson

I was asked if I could review this book, but due to a backlog and my reviewer on emergency leave due to a family illness I had to decline.

But the book subject just kept replaying on my mind, so I contacted the author to say I would like to do a spotlight on his books/memoirs

I hope that this post may interest some readers to purchase these books and that they in turn leave a review, Life in care in any country is dire for the majority of children.

Hopefully one day in the future the grown up children will write happier tales. Well we can only hope.


Book:      No Accountability

Author:    Keith Lawton

Buy Link:

51x18ao1q6lNo accountability is an inspirational true story was written through Keiths’ own experiences, both in earlier life, through to present day. The ultimate aim of this selfless book is encourage and empower people who have experienced control by others, to speak out. With our speaking out, No Accountability hopes to stop the users, losers and abusers of this world.

No Accountability was not just written to help others expose the controlling people in society, but also to point out that the average Joe needs to lose the stigma that they attach toward the downtrodden – the people who do speak out, our Nurses, Soldiers, Police (Service Not Force) or just regular employees who speak out against, organisations who fall foul of their own policies and procedures. These people are not put on a pedestal for standing up for their rights, or attempting to change a practice for the good, oh no. These people who have the balls to stand up and be counted are given the ‘Lock them outside the castle walls and let no man feed or shelter them for 50 miles’ Treatment. Do people in today’s society realise that the ‘Ducking Stool’ has gone – that it was long since discovered that the world is indeed spherical?

The above is the same for those who find themselves on the receiving end of domestic violence – both men and women, but inclusive of the venerable in our society. We have a situation in the world today that has always been there, but has become increasingly more prevalent, in the form of asylum seekers, refugees, and even economic migrants. These people come to seek shelter and a safe harbour in our countries, which for whatever reason, is understandable. But because of this, it doesn’t mean that their children, both able bodied and not, both able minded or not, from whatever creed, race, nationality or language. Through whatever channels these kids ended up is care in our countries home and facilities isn’t a matter of debate, the plain fact is that they are here, and they deserve the very best care available – these kids are our future, they are our countries future – the politics of how and why they ended up here should not be a subject for debate, that is border control, and/or world politics. Deal with the fire, and not the smoke.

Increasingly too there seems to be vast differences of wealth distribution, Dickensian Phrases like ‘The Poor’ seem to be getting used more often – food banks – debt and depression seem to be deeply embedded in our society. The resultant factor is a decrease in child welfare, our own native kids that find themselves in council care, through whatever reason, also need to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity – also receiving the best care that we can give. These children have ended up in these situation through no fault of their own, most have lived a lifetime of hurts and destruction at the age of 10 year, that most adults will never experience in a lifetime. Yes also – These kids are our future – These are our kids – These are our great countries kids – Not just some cast out trash to be ignored, just because it suits the mentality of some, the ignorant few to do so.

Basically we should be proud and support people who expose the rotten apples in our society –  We should be proud of those individuals who have the balls to stand up and be counted when they expose bad practice, deviations from policies and/or mission statements – We should be proud of the victims of rape, domestic violence, slavery who speak out – because it does take balls – It takes balls because we haven’t got the balls to appreciate what guts it has to do it – It takes balls because we don’t support them, we turn them out to grass and ignore them – A talking point – A freak show – Look in your own cupboard before casting the first stone.  

Read No Accountability and you will see why the book is entitled ‘No Accountability’ But most of all you will see what you’ve never seen, it will change your perspective, it will change you, and you will make changes for others.

Change only comes in weight of numbers – the more that read, the greater chance of change – so put air beneath the wings of this story and send it aloft


Other books  By Keith:


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