Wild Thing (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie, #2; Rock Stars in Disguise: Xan, #2) By Blair Babylon @BlairBabylon

wild thing
The music calls Georgie.
Every night, she stands offstage, watching rock star Xan Valentine and his band, Killer Valentine, set fire to the crowd with music until they would burn down the city for him. His music wraps her until her fingers dance, desperately wanting the piano, but her terrified legs could never walk onto a stage.
Most nights, when Xan Valentine strides off the stage, his dark eyes shift, blurring, and he becomes Alexandre de Valentinois again.
Sometimes, Xan won’t let go.
Some of the other band members, Rade and Grayson, are caught in a death spiral of booze, drugs, and groupies. The drummer, Tryp, is too infatuated with his new wife to do more than show up to play.
Xan is the only one who can compel them onto the stage. He’s holding Killer Valentine together with the force of his will.
This can’t go on.
Something has to break.
Wild Thing is the second book in the Georgie and Xan series.


Wild Thing (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie, #2; Rock Stars in Disguise: Xan, #2)Wild Thing by Blair BabylonKat’s rating: 5 of 5 starsTo say that this series has turned into a favourite of mine is no exaggeration, from Rhiannon’s story to Tryp’s the band are addictive. Blair has a talent for creating a storyline that’s compelling, with subtle twists and complex characters.

Ms. Babylon doesn’t just have rockstars, no, she has complex characters that have character flaws, multiple personalities, drug addictions and Russian mafia hit men after them.

In this instalment of the series, Georgie has followed Zan Valentine on the US Tour after he talked her into leaving with him when they met at Rae and Wulf’s Marriage. I love how Georgie has kept herself strong, determined to pay back the money her father stole, even though it will probably take her 2 lifetimes. She’s kept everyone at bay non of her friends have any ideas about who she really is, and men have never had a chance to unfreeze her iced up heart.

Until that fateful encounter when Georgie Johnson is introduced to Alexandre AKA Xan
If you haven’t read part 1 to this story stop now and go read it, not only is it awesome you really have to read it first to understand what’s going on in this book.

In this instalment we get to see the stress and sheer will power it takes Zan to keep Killer Valentine together, all the while trying to keep Georgie safe from the Russian Mafia who are out to use her to scare her mother to pay back the money her father stole from them. The only problem Georgie has is that her mother would sell her to the devil for a dime, so she’s dead if they grab her.

So get lost in the music, the atmosphere of the runners and life on the road, as Georgie tries not to fall more in love with the most complex rockstar you may ever meet. Zan/Alex or Alexandre… This complex character has woven himself into my heart, I need to know more about him, I want part 3 like NOW but until then I will get my fix from Ms Babylon’s short story Alwaysland and continue to read the Devilhouse series as these two series are now converging into the most awesomely addictive book series I’ve read in a long while.

Oh and ps the links to the music that are in the kindle books are fab, it another added bonus as you delve further into the characters and what drives them to aim for perfection I their art.

If you haven’t read a Blair Babylon book before, I recommend you go pick up book 1 and jump in, I am sure you will get addicted just like I did.

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Excerpt from Wild Thing

Riding in the back of the limousine on the way to the sound check, Georgie watched Alex, or Xan, or whoever he was.
     He reached over and held her hand. The hard calluses on his fingertips scraped her fingers. The sympathetic interest in Alex’s dark eyes made her feel like the chaos of the world out there had quieted.
     As they neared the venue, gliding through the light traffic hours before the arena began to fill, Alex’s body tensed.
     First, his far leg began to twitch.
     His strong fingers tapped out a complicated rhythm on the armrest on the door.
     As the venue came into view—a huge arts complex like a pile of white boxes surrounded by lonely fields of empty parking lots—Alex tugged her hand toward him, and he leaned over for a kiss.
     At first, his lips caressed hers, drawing out her response, an intimate and tantalizing kiss that promised more. His lips parted, and Georgie opened hers. His strong arms clamped around her waist and the back of her neck, grabbing a fistful of her long hair. He stroked her tongue with his until she felt a moan shudder in her throat, and he chuckled against her skin as he drew away.
     When he lifted his head, his dark eyes held the predatory gleam of a hawk, and his lips were pinker with the blood rushing through him.
     He dragged her across the car seat.
     His burly arms caged her, and he pinned her against the seat and kissed her again, opening her lips with his and bending her to fit against his hard body.
     She flattened her hands against his chest.
     He lifted his head, looking down at her. A smile curved one side of his mouth. “We’re almost to the show, anyway.”
     She couldn’t quite catch her breath. “Yeah.”
     He uncoiled his arms from around her, still keeping one hand resting on her back, and he stared out the window at the arena.
     His posture on the seat was wider, more possessive of the space, and his body nearly vibrated with energy.
     If she hadn’t seen the change for herself, several times, she might not have believed it. It seemed more like black magic than psychology.

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