Down, Across & Up: An Epic Kiwi Adventure Around New Zealand on Horseback by Genna Revell, Kerrin Revell


41ii4gv3whl-_sx234_bo1204203200_Down, Across and Up is a heart warming Kiwi adventure story that follows a young couple who set out to conquer the coastline of New Zealand armed with their horses, a campervan for support, a tent and a cameraman. The journey took them over 5,000 kms through some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery, but the going was not easy as every day brought them new challenges. However the can-do Kiwi attitude and the help of some local characters saw them through. They faced accidents, broken bones, getting lost and changes of horses and that was only the first month. Genna was an experienced horsewoman but Kerrin had never ridden before, and this was just one of the many challenges that faced them on their journey – things like lame horses, swollen rivers, human injuries, rampant cars, rampant wildlife, stubborn horses and, of course, stubborn people. But along the way Genna and Kerrin met many characters, got really close to their horses and the land, learned a lot about each other, made a documentary, wrote a book and raised over $32,000 for Canteen. A fine adventure indeed.
Paperback, 176 pages
Published June 5th 2009 by Random House New Zealand Ltd
1869792459 (ISBN13: 9781869792459)
Edition Language
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Down, Across & Up: An Epic Kiwi Adventure Around New Zealand on HorsebackDown, Across & Up: An Epic Kiwi Adventure Around New Zealand on Horseback by Genna Revell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a special one for me, I had the pleasure of riding with the authors Genevieve and Kerrin Russell, in fact that is my picture on the cover, This couple did a crazy, mad, but oh so wonderful thing riding Down, Across & Up New Zealand and It will always be an honour that I was able to offer my home and stables/paddocks to the Authors, horses and of course the crew, Janice Revell…

Would you take a year out of your life and ride down, across and back up New Zealand on horseback ( Hell Yeah I would… anyone offering me sponsorship???) Joking aside, This is a book you will read and re-read again, the images, the down to earth emotions of the couple, and of course all the people and horses you meet along the way.

If you are interested in horses, New Zealand and the Kiwi lifestyle of being out doors, loving horses, the wild countryside… I mean this story has probably sparked a few other riders to do the same, as I have seen 3 girls do a similar ride last summer, But I am sure that Genevieve and Kerrin were the first, and of course Canteen were such a worthwhile charity to support too, I have always bought the scarves each year.

So – this book has a special place on my bookshelf, its also a favourite read.
If you buy this book you get to see the horses that the couple meet ( Chocolate was beautiful, and Charlie T too) you get to see the hospitality of the New Zealand people, as well as read about the often tough journey that the newlyweds made.

Seriously this book is full of stories of the couples adventures, hope and the belief that if you want to do something really badly, you will find away. and to prove that I did infact ride with Genevieve and Kerrin – I have added a picture of me on Jesterdale, he was the best horse to lead in the journey from Greenhills to Bluff and back again, as we had to ride down State Hwy 1 which is full of heavy articulated traffic going to Bluff Docks, He has never really rode down that road very often, but he was a stoic leader, and the rest of the horses were calm because of he was – RIP Jesterdale, he died New Years Eve 2015

Jesterdale and Me on our Down, Across & Up Ride

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