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Chasing Taryn By A.C.Wilson Review

Series: Broken Country Novel Levi & Taryn
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She loves me. She loves me not.

The journey has started for Taryn Green and Levi Kodallas. High school graduation marks the newest door into the world of adulthood and Levi wishes he could gather the nerves to tell Taryn how much he feels for her. She is his best friend, they do everything together and Taryn holds his heart in the palm of her hand. The worst part…she doesn’t even know. Heck, maybe the worst part is the boyfriend that Taryn plans to follow across the country to college!

Does he move ahead without Taryn? Does he tell her how he feels?

Taryn cannot believe how crazy her life has been and it hasn’t slowed down. Dustin, her boyfriend wants her to move away with him. Levi is her rock, but something is changing him. Her sister calls to tell her that she is getting married. So many emotions hit all at once and Taryn hasn’t any idea what she should do. Someone is going to get hurt. Someone is going to be left behind.

He loves me. He loves me not.


Chasing Taryn (Levi & Taryn, #2)Chasing Taryn by A.C. Wilson
Kat’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** Gifted in exchange for my honest review ***

So I was anticipating book 2, which is set when Taryn and Levi are set to graduate and plan for their futures… Levi has loved Taryn for a long time but it seems she sees him only as a best friend, she has a boyfriend whom Levi knows is a wrong choice for Taryn, but try as he might she won’t listen to his concerns.

Taryn sees Levi as her best friend, but she is blind to knowing that she holds Levi’s heart in the palm of her hand.
Does he move ahead without Taryn? Does he tell her how he feels? Levi’s family see it plain as day, so does Levi’s MBFF Alex, Alex has lots of suggestions for Levi, and finally Levi listens to him…

Levi sets forth to lay his feelings at Taryn’s feet, will she stomp his heart and future hopes into the dust? Or will the future look bright…

Taryn has had a rough life, she is planning to move to Atlanta, Georgia with her Boyfriend Dustin, and although she is keen to spread her wings and leave the small country town in Midwest Nebraska behind. But things start to change when Dustin shows his true colours, and Levi finally tells Taryn how he feels.

When Taryn’s sister Bailey rings to tell her that she is marrying Blake Phails (Their story is Adult): Black Hills Secrets Taryn is worried that her sister will move on and forget her, upset and in tears she runs to Levi, her rock and asks him to accompany her back to the place that has many unhappy memories for her.

Will this time away cement the fledgling romance or will Taryn’s past make her withdraw and in the process break both their hearts.

Well I can say …Have tissues at the ready and get ready to watch Levi fight for what he wants most in life.

I sat and read this again in one sitting – staying up well into the wee hours of the morning. I hoped like heck that Levi would get his dreams, whether this meant leaving everything behind which he loved, he would give everything up for his girl, and I love his old fashioned romantic heart!

I will not give you any ideas on the outcome, but I am desperate for book 3 to arrive ASAP

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Chasing Taryn


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A Nebraska native, A.C. Wilson now lives in historic Abilene,Kansas with her husband and two boys. Always an avid reader, A.C. first fell in love with historical romances both Regency and Western. The world was a wide open place where adventures could happen even between the pages of a book. Deciding to give the characters in her head some room to breathe, A.C. started typing and hasn’t looked back. 

The Black Hills series books are contemporary western romances set in the iconic beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota.The Johnson family holds true to their values of love, duty, family, and loyalty.



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