Guild of Dragon Warriors (Terigan’s Trials #2)Guild of Dragon Warriors Series by A.K. Michaels

Guild of Dragon Warriors (Terigan's Trials #2)


Jaxon, Master of the Guild of Dragon Warriors is puzzled when Zeeandra, the Dragon’s Goddess, orders him to send his best friend and most trusted warrior, Terigan, on a secret mission to Scotland – Scotland is, after all, Jaxon’s homeland. The Goddess will explain no further; but she sends Kuan, a Chinese God, to transport Terigan halfway around the world and both Dragons realize this mission is of vital importance.

And so it proves to be: Scotland’s resident Dragon Warrior reveals that a woman is being held captive by a pack of rogue Wolves. The stakes are enormous: Terigan must risk his life for the sake of a stranger, without even knowing why. But his Goddess and Master have placed their faith in him, and he won’t let them down.

Come and join Terigan in a mission that’s the most important of his long life: he just doesn’t know it yet.

“The second book in The Guild of Dragon Warriors series from New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels, will enchant fans of paranormal suspense romance and keep them glued to their kindles; Ava has worked her magic once again!” Julia Hughes, Author.



Guild of Dragon Warriors (Terigan's Trials #2)Guild of Dragon Warriors by A.K. Michaels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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OK, So I saw this pop up on my kindle and thought I will just take a peak…oh then I looked up and I was 50% through!

The first book in this series got me hooked on these Honourable Hunkalicious Dragon Shifters and when 2ic Terigan is told that his Goddess Zeeandra, is sending him on a secret mission to Scotland.

We meet Scotland’s resident Dragon Warrior, an ancient named Dughall who has been staking out the Alpha of a pack of rogue Wolves.

Terigan finds his usual cool calm and collected manner is MIA when he catches scent of a battered woman who tries to escape the network of cave tunnels, he nearly blows his cover and is both confused and embarrassed that he is acting like such a rookie in front of Dughall.

The Alpha has been terrorising the area and has several captives, so Terigan cannot just barge in guns blazing ( or rather knives), he must wait until the Alpha comes out of the maze of tunnels, so not to alert the pack that they are under surveillance.

Who is this mystery woman… why is she so important to Zeeandra and why is Terigan unable to resist her pull? Those who have read Book 1 will have a good idea who she may be…

SO – what did I think? Well Ms Michaels has a great track record of hooking me into her paranormal worlds and this is turning out to be a fantastic companion series to the Earlier one set in this world which started with The Black Rose Chronicles, Deceit and Lies, Book 1 and the best bit is we get find out how Rose and Cass are doing in this book…

No Spoilers – you will have to read it to find out, but strongly recommend that The Deceit and Lies series is read first, then Book 1 of this series before you head into this book, as they run chronologically.

As this book ends (No Cliffhangers BTW) you are left wondering what else is in store for our Guild of Dragon Hunters and I am eager to find out what they will be. I think Dragons may be my new favourite things.

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New York Times Bestselling Author of the HOT PNR with five completed series at the moment. You can check all her books out on her Amazon page or website.
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