STALKER – Out now and a great thriller!


Published 5th May 2016  By Harper Collins

The much-anticipated fifth thriller in Lars Kepler’s bestselling series featuring Joona Linna. Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. A video-clip is sent to the National Criminal Investigation Department. Someone has secretly filmed a woman through her window from the garden. The next day she is found dead after a frenzied knife-attack. The police receive a second film of another unknown woman. There is no way of identifying her before time runs out. When her husband finds her he is so traumatised that he cleans the whole house and puts her to bed. He may have seen a vital clue, but is in such an extreme state of shock that the police are unable to question him. Psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark is called in to hypnotise him – but what the man tells him under hypnosis leads Erik to start lying to the police. If the lights are on, a stalker can see you from outside. But if the lights are off, you can’t see a stalker who is already inside the house.


StalkerStalker by Lars Kepler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** Gifted by Harper Collins NZ in exchange for my honest review ***

I received an uncorrected proof paperback from the publisher, and started reading it with no clue other than that it was set in Sweden and was a crime novel, I have read some Crime novels, but the main series I read is Kathy Reich’s Temperance Brennan series.
I would say that if you like programs like Criminal Minds then you will love reading this book.

We are introduced to a lot of characters, and it was not until I had read this book and was looking for it on Goodreads and Amazon that I found out it was book 5 in a series – now it is completely fine to read as a standalone, but when this nugget of information came to light it became obvious to me why my favourite character was not the first we are introduced to.

The book is narrative voice-third person present tense, which took a while to get used too, there were a lot of She walked to the car… she … she etc, and it took me a while to get used to it, I haven’t read a third person present tense story in … gosh since my 20’s I think!

But saying this At page 37 I was hooked… the action kicks in straight away, our first character who is introduced is Margot Silverman – Pregnant Detective Superintendent with the National Police Authority, she is their authority on Serial Killers, Stalkers and Spree Killers ( See I learned something new with the third one!)
When a video is sent to the police showing a stalker videoing a woman, and she turns up dead the next day, the police start to investigate… then another video is sent in and although they desperately try to identify the woman, she is found dead by her husband – but he is so traumatised that he cleans the whole house and places her int their bed. With the crime scene compromised they are working blind, but are convinced that this is the same killer, the police are unable to question the husband, and contact a renowned hypnotist to try to gain some answers.

So our psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark PHD with a secret desire to learn to play the Piano, has a session with our traumatised husband, he realises something but does not inform Margot… Why you wonder… and so the twists and turns begin.

Saga Bower – security policewoman on leave since being kidnapped, she escaped and thinks she killed her kidnapper, but with no body she couldn’t be sure… I did wonder what this part of the story had to do with the serial killer, but it does bring back in characters that have previously been in the series before. This sub-plot has me intrigued to read the other 4 books, as the character she eventually brings back with her discovery was Ex Detective Inspector Joona Linna.

Joona becomes a pivotal character in this series, and he was my favourite character ( I was not happy with the authors ending for him btw – it was logical but I am a HEA girl at heart, and I wanted him to get one – So I guess I hope the Author will write one soon).

As I read my notes, its full of how are these characters connected??? lol this book had me turning left right and round in circles as the plot unfolded.

There are lots of different avenues explored by the team, and with the secrets that Erik is keeping, will this ultimately cause those around him to pay dearly??

Cold cases are found and solved, and I wonder if this part of the plot was based on facts – if it was I pity the poor unfortunates who died and were deemed not worthy of a full investigation!

Our serial killer strikes again, and with the numerous twists and turns the author takes you on its like taking a journey down Alice’s rabbit hole on speed!

Who is killing these women, how are they connected?

I can tell you that I DID NOT HAVE A CLUE! Lars Kepler a duo writing team, lay down nuggets of information along the way, and looking back once our killer is revealed I could see the clues, but you are so focused on the ride you can easily miss them. But wait, it doesn’t end there… No it then kicks into high gear as the pawns in the game – namely the police race to save the 4th victim.

In ending I will say that Kepler’s epilogue although the storyline is tied up nicely for 2 of our main characters, it just didn’t cut it for me, of all the characters Joona was my favourite ( and remember I didn’t realise this is a series) how he ends it for Joona really sucked!

BUT It has made me want to read books 1 to 4 because Joona is the main character – Guess I will be looking out for these in the near future.

I enjoyed this scary, dark ride, and it took me out my comfort zone.

Author Bio

Lars Kepler is a pseudonym for authors Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril.

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