Flame (Fierce #2) By Clarissa Wild Review @WildClarissa

Sexy handsome man posing.Title: FLAME (#2, Fierce Series)

Author: Clarissa Wild

Publication Date: May 8th 2014

Genre: New Adult Romance (18+)


When trust is challenged and desire takes control, is love enough to conquer fear?

When geeky book nerd Autumn Blakewood falls for the cocky, confident fighter Hunter Bane she knows she’s in for life. Their undeniable connection, fueled by the desire to protect, grows stronger every passing second. However, the need to feel cherished threatens her college graduation, family bonds, and future, tearing her apart, but she won’t give up on Hunter so easily …

After he was abandoned by his family, Hunter Bane struggles to cope with daily life. Having a learning disability turns every task into a challenge. With his brother now free, Hunter feels the pressure to succeed and take care of the people he loves, forcing him to choose between college and a job. Hunter’s devotion to Autumn keeps him on the right path. His infatuation with her turns lust into passion, drawing out his alpha tendencies. But with affection comes admission, putting a strain on their relationship as secrets are exposed and unforeseen circumstances spiral out of control.

Being complete opposites, their love is flaming hot, but it burns away all inhibitions, unveiling the fears that were locked deep inside. As past and present collide, difficult choices must be made. Can Autumn and Hunter’s love survive this ultimate test?

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Flame (Fierce, #2)Flame by Clarissa Wild

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book continues where Book Fierce & Fury finished, Jessie is about to get out of jail and Amber and Hunter are exploring their new relationship.

Now there were a few bits in this book where that I wanted to kick Hunter in the arse, I did not like the way he thinks its ok to be rough and controlling… Sorry but thats just being a BULLY???

And Amber too was a bit too uptight and childish, but as I read on by 50% through I could understand and excuse her naive thinking.

Jessie clashes with Hunter over what he thinks is best for Hunter, which he feels is college and there is a lot of fraught tension in most of the first part of the book.

Leafy and Hunters feelings for each other are strong and they are both struggling to open up about their past to each other, but they soon realise that if they don’t open up to each other they may end up loosing the only thing that makes them happy… each other.

Once I got to the part where you get more information about Ambers parents, I really felt for her, Hunter shines through and is there for her and I felt he was slowly beginning to grow up… It is a HEA and the Epilogue was really sweet,

I give this Book 4 stars

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Clarissa Wild is the Amazon Bestselling Romance author of FIERCE, a top 200 and top 15

New Adult Romance novel. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series,

The Billionaire’s Bet series, the Doing It Series and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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