PSA: Authors, Write Books, Not War

In the light of the C.J. Cliff War on a the Reviewer Lana, I am sharing this post – Ms Cullian has put it so eloquently I needed to share. I write HONEST Reviews – But I try to ensure that I do not bash the author nor assume that everyone will have the same opinion as I do, I try to impart some balance to my negatives. And in some instances when I realise that the book has nothing wrong other than that it is not for me – I tend to contact the author and say I would rather not give a low review due to it only being so off my sphere of reading genre. the Majority are happy for my review – and they get posted anyway.

The Amazon Iowan

On Facebook this morning, my husband linked to an article at The Daily Dot about the dangers of blogging/posting at work. Before I even clicked the link to read the post, I laughed bitterly and thought, “Yeah, if only my maxim could be that simple.” Because as an author, whether I talk about writing/publishing or not, everything I put on the Internet affects my work. All my words and pictures and links have the potential to affect my sales. My daughter, now making her first forays into social media, has been warned if she wouldn’t be comfortable seeing it on CNN Student News, she shouldn’t post it, but for authors and anyone whose public persona isn’t an outlet but a lifeline to a paycheck needs a tighter mantra. Every tweet, every Facebook post, every chat and private Instagram could elevate our profile, yes—and it could also stake us more thoroughly…

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