Spotlight on The Eraser Series By Megan Keith

I have read the full series and it is still one of the best Erotic Romances that I have read, I enjoyed this far better than FSOG.

I have added my individual reviews below but the links are to the series as that way you can enjoy the series in a complete set.

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He was the man with no name …
Sexy, demanding, mysterious.From behind the bar, she knew his routine – with the lift of his finger scotch and women were his.She knew his game and she was willing to play. Yet for Mackenzie, one encounter wasn’t enough. She was hooked and he was the drug that she craved.He told her one night, no repeats, but Mackenzie had captured his attention. As a businessman, he wasn’t opposed to bending the rules to get deals done … but for her he might just break them.

Nothing about staking his claim on the intelligent and beautiful Mackenzie was going to be simple.

Desire and need they have, it’s honesty and trust they need to work on.

And secrets always have a way of complicating things…

PLEASE NOTE: This is the erotic Eraser Series (Volumes 1-6) combined into one paperback edition. For Mature 18+ readers, it contains explicit sex scenes.

Paperback, 492 pages
Published September 1st 2015 by Megan Keith Publishing
ISBN 1503393763 (ISBN13: 9781503393769)


Book 1
EraserEraser by Megan Keith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
WARNING: This novella contains explicit sex scenes (including BDSM) and is for mature 18+ readers only.

So I met Megan Keith at the Indie Authors Down Under event at the Gold coast in March… I found a lot of new authors and got lots of new books to read… and I was lucky in that this was available free that weekend and I have finally gotten around to reading Eraser!

This book has given me a new meaning to “Yes Sir” – this is a short Novella that packs a punch. It covers BDSM so as the warning in the synopsis says if this type of content offends you this book is not for you.

The story is about Mackenzie who works in a bar, one of the patrons is a mysterious man who visits once a week. He orders the same drink, scotch on the rocks, (a man with taste – I love the brand that he drinks!) He drinks alone, but he never leaves that way.

But this time he has turned his attention on Mackenzie. Instead of feeling nervous Mackenzie is enthralled, intrigued… and aroused.

Mackenzie has felt attracted to this man since he walked into the bar, so when he tells her to sit and have a drink with him, she does.

This Novella is a great example of a short read with great erotic writing and I would say to anyone who likes this genre to one-click.
totally awesome
Quoting Megan – “This was originally written as a stand alone short story but after numerous requests for more, it has recently been turned into a series. Book two, Eraser Blue is now available”.
thank goodness she listened to her fans… I was glad I got book 2 there on my kindle waiting for me to dive straight back in!

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Book 2

Eraser Blue (Eraser, #2)Eraser Blue by Megan Keith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eraser Blue is the 2nd book in the Eraser series and although its only 77 pages long every page delivers! This series has joined my Re-Read list and my Want the next book list…

The book starts where Eraser left off and Megan is showing us a different side to ‘Sir’ there is a hint of the man behind the dominant, alpha male.

Mackenzie is trying to figure out what exactly ‘Sir’ has that she is wildly attracted to, but I am glad that she is not a total sub… she tells him straight what is not acceptable.

Megan Keith has a gift for writing, and I will be reading more of her work soon.

If you are a fan of hot and steamy, grab this series now.

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Book 3
Eraser Lilac (Eraser #3)Eraser Lilac by Megan Keith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* I received a copy in an exchange for my honest review*

In Eraser Lilac Megan Keith expands our knowledge on the delectable ‘Sir’ I got wrapped up in this book as he tries to work out what he really wants with the lovely Mackenzie.

We all know he wants Mackenzie, but how does he want her? Yes he still wants control but his softer side is beginning to appear.

Mackenzie has obviously (like most of this series Female readers – myself included) fallen for this mysterious enigma, but although she loves his domineering ways, she is no pushover – will she submit and allow him to dictate her every move?

As with the other installments the sex is very steamy, and I couldn’t put the book down. Megan has gone from strength to strength in her writing as I have read this series, I have grown attached to the characters, and I wait impatiently for the next book to see what happens next… Aghh I hate when I get to that last page!

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Book 4
Eraser Crimson (Eraser #4)Eraser Crimson by Megan Keith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**PLEASE NOTE: This is the 4th novella of the series and they do need to be read in order**.

***WARNING: Mature 18+ readers only. It contains explicit sex scenes including BDSM type scenarios*** so if you don’t read this type of genre then thats ok, but if you want to give it a go, I would recommend it highly.

*I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest Review*

And here goes, I am not going to tell you much as YOU REALLY NEED TO READ IT without knowing whats going to happen so as the SYNOPSIS SAYS…
Loyalty… Megan Keith has me as a LOYAL follower
Trust… I TRUST Megan will bring out Book 5 soon (IM LIKE OMG WTF… oh I NEED BOOK 5 NOW!!!!)

This book series is about Mackenzie who works in a bar and meets a TDH mystery man, he come’s into the bar quite regularly and Mack watched him from afar, until one fateful night when he asks her to sit with her a while… when she tries to find out a bit about him, she gets “You can call me Sir”

Megan Keith can sure write a HAWT BOOK, Oh yes pleeessse, SIR!!!!

In Eraser Crimson, Mack and Sir are about to try A relationship
Mackenzie is only beginning to uncover the man beneath the mystery, yet she’s already falling for him hard and fast. What he’s asking from her is more than she’s ever given before.
Her instincts have never let her down in the past, so relying on them now should be simple.
But this is different …
Love is different …
And relationships … well, they’re uncharted territory.

So as the Synopsis I just quoted says, Mack and ‘Sir’ are trying to see where their feelings will go, they will learn more about each other, but its going to be a tough hill to climb, as with any fledgling relationship, a few spanners end up in the works.

I really hope that Megan Keith has Book 5 nearly finished, as I bet there are a few other readers eagerly waiting the next installment.

hopefully I have whetted your appetite and you are about to see what ‘Sir’ has to offer!

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Book 5
Eraser Amber (Eraser #5)Eraser Amber by Megan Keith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

Firstly you need to read this series in order – you watch the characters grow as you read them.

I love Sir and Mackenzie, well Sir – I love him, but at times I want to bash him in the head!

I Absolutely love this series.

As soon as I saw the ARC on my kindle I had to stop reading my current book and just delve into it.

Mack is such a Sassy Chick, she is strong but also realising that Sir has something she needs and she is willing to work on their relationship… So is SIR in his own way.

There are a few bumps in the highway to happiness (well that is what makes an interesting read)

Megan has taken what was great short Erotic story and created a series where the characters and story line have developed into a story I love. Warning they do end in cliff hangers – I was like OMG I need Eraser Platinum NOW!!!

Thank goodness the full series will be out before the Gold Coast Book Signing as I will want a Full Set Personally signed by the Lovely Megan Keith 😀

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Book 6
Eraser Platinum (Eraser #6)Eraser Platinum by Megan Keith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
*** I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
here is my advice you can take it or not that’s your prerogative.

ONE – Buy this series, its one of my favourite Novella series.
TWO – Make sure you have plenty of reading time as you will not want to stop reading when you have access to all of the series!
THREE- Firstly you need to read this series in order – you watch the characters (and the author) grow as you read them and its a Linear storyline you can’t skip a book.
FIVE – OMG you will be so Following Ms Keith every book from now on
SIX – Why are you still reading – GO ONE CLICK IT

OK you really want to read my review… here goes…

When I first started reading this series, I wasn’t a fan of novella’s with cliff hangers, but I have grown in my reading experience since then and with these books being brought out in quick succession I could curb my angst of having to wait for the next installment!

I am both sad and happy that the conclusion is now here, but I have a view when it comes to Books… there is never really an end, as its there just waiting to be re-read. And this book series will be one that I will re-read at some point in the future (HOPEFULLY A SIGNED PAPERBACK SET! – Nah who am I kidding they will be staying pristine on my Special Book shelf Thank god for my KINDLE APP)

As I read this series, I have watched both Megan Keith’s writing develop along with her characters, I loved Mackenzie from the start, she is such a character, both strong and also unsure of herself when it comes to relationships, and in some way so is SIR (as promised no mention of who SIR really is shall pass from my lips) But Oh he will still be one of my favourite book boyfriends, its been a real ride as SIR grow into the man he ends up in the end.

So this Book starts with a Poem:

My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It’s never over,
all my riches for her smiles when I slept so soft against her…
It’s never over,
All my blood for the sweetness of her laughter…
It’s never over,
She’s a tear that hangs inside my soul forever…”
― Jeff Buckley

This really got me and from that moment on I was deeply engrossed by Ms Keith’s writing… The emotional range you feel when reading has you bouncing from elation to despair and back again… you nervously hope to god that they will finally figure out a common ground to build the foundation of their future… WILL THEY WONT THEY?? (I’m NOT TELLING :P)

Ms Keith – at 94% before the epilogue, I was so choked up… AWESOME Dialogue Lady WELL DONE!!!
And the ending… Well what can I say BRAVO Ms Keith!!!! You made me blubber like a baby 😀

fangirling photo fangirling.gif

P.S. I did have an epiphany when I was reading the book – you know that moment when you think of a really great quote of how I felt about this book series, but then Life happened – kids screaming – and I didn’t get to write it down, and then it was gone!!!!
I must start carrying around a tiny notepad and pen – sometimes the old ways are much easier! – IF it ever comes back I will update this 😀

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