Our Liebster Award!

Ok my other site http://www.katsbookpromotions.com was one of the blogs nominated by Beez and Raven, I love how Bibilophiles are so giving 😀 and Yes I feel your pain about having overflowing bookshelves.
So THANKS for choosing my site and I will sit and think about who I will nominate. It may take a little while as I am currently in the process of moving ( all my books are in boxes in some shipyard waiting to go to NZ — thank goodness for my kindle!)
Kat – ps this site is my ‘review only site’ hopefully WordPress don’t shut it down like they did my very first blog katsindiebookblog, which is what my facebook page was named after https://www.facebook.com/katsindiebookblog/?fref=ts
happy reading everyone – Kat

Raven & Beez

liebster 3We were nominated for the Liebster award by http://amiesgoodness.com/ (Go check out her blog! It’s about health and beauty) Thank you so much for nominating us and making us feel like we are recognized out there in the blogging community.

Now, to be honest we didn’t really know what this award was so we did a little research and found out that this is an internet award for upcoming bloggers. You get nominated by someone and you have the option to CHOOSE to accept the award and PASS IT ON or not choose it and break the chain.

To know more about the award and how it works click on this link –> http://wordingwell.com/the-liebster-award-the-official-rules-my-first-blog-award-and-a-few-personal-secrets-revealed/

For obvious reasons *cough* to feel good about ourselves *cough* we decided to accept the award and now we have the power to pass on this magic MUHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

To be honest I think it’s a great…

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3 thoughts on “Our Liebster Award!

  1. Oh you don’t have to thank us because you really deserve this award. We would be heart broken if your site got shut down!

    And we hope you encounter no troubles in your moving process, unless you’re suddenly transported to Narnia cause then that would be awesome.


    1. I will be in the next best place New Zealand 😉 they shut my original one down because on WP.com you cannot have giveaways or third party links.
      and thats how http://www.katsbookpromotions.com came to life. But I will be doing less tours and more reading.
      I will continue to promote my Author’s books though, http://www.rachelmraithby.com/yabooks/ Winter Wolf is YA and the second book Wolf Dancer is releasing on the 29th.
      I love YA books 😀

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